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Is it true that excessive sugar consumption triggers hyperactive children

"The child is very hyperactive, maybe because most people eat sugar." This remark may often be heard when the child looks very active. But can sugar consumption make a child hyperactive? Come on, first check the facts. Hyperactivity is often associated with children who cannot be silent. Hyperactivity must be distinguished from children who are more active than usual or an ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) condition. The Facts Behind the Assumption of Sugar Makes Children Hyperactive Consumption of excess sugar can make children more active than usual. This is because sugar can be converted more quickly into energy. One study states that there is no definite relationship between sugar consumption and the appearance of hyperactivity, because genetic, environmental, and a number of factors other than diet play a greater role in triggering hyperactivity in children. In addition, the parents' belief in the sugar myth causes hyperactivity, it can also make
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Forced to Undergo a Long Distance Marriage, Here are tips for living it

Various things can cause you and your partner to undergo long distance marriage (LDM). Conditions can be a challenge for you and your partner. Come on, see tips on undergoing LDM so that your marriage remains harmonious. Career demands and study requirements are often the reasons for undergoing LDM. At present, the condition of long-distance marriage seems to be facilitated by all technological developments. Even so, far apart physical conditions remain vulnerable to trigger marital conflict. Tips for undergoing a long-distance marriage If you and your partner are having a long-distance marriage, commitment, communication and maturity are needed. In addition, the following tips you can try to keep your relationship romantic and lasting: 1. Ensure that the LDM reason is sufficiently basic and that both parties agree You and your partner need to discuss LDM decisions carefully. Make sure the reasons for undergoing LDM are strong enough, and this decision is taken to make family c

These 6 Things We Hold, Are Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

The toilet seat is often considered the dirtiest thing. When in fact many objects around us are dirtier than the toilet seat. Some of them are even very close to us, you know. There are many types of germs that inhabit toilets, especially toilets that are used for the public. Starting from viruses that cause colds and flu, to the bacteria Streptococcus and E.coli. But, the things we touch and hold every day can also be a den of bacteria and viruses, which are even more than a toilet seat. Various Items That Contain Many Germs Although the toilet seat is often regarded as a den of germs, there are some places and other objects that are unwittingly also a den of germs, such as: Fingers Our fingers are easily attached to germs. If we hold the eyes, mouth, or nose, germs also move and can enter the body. Therefore, it is recommended that you always wash your hands with soap and water for 20-30 seconds, especially after using the bathroom. Cellphone A study found that the t